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I have experience leading philosophy discussions with people of diverse ages (1st graders to seniors) and in diverse settings (from home and public schools to detention centers and undergrad philosophy clubs).

I have also served as a judge for multiple High School and Intercollegiate Ethics Bowl competitions, and I coached the University of North Carolina team that qualified for the national competition in 2016.

​I have organized and led reading groups for undergraduate students interested in Philosophy, Politics, and Economics (PPE). For example, one such group compared and contrasted the political philosophies of John Rawls and Robert Nozick. Another explored Yoram Hazony's The Philosophy of Hebrew Scripture.

I enjoy participating each year in Oakland University's Philosophy Summer Camp, during which any interested high school students are invited to participate in lectures delivered specially for them by OU faculty, followed by undergrad-led breakout sessions on the lecture theme. More info can be found on the OU Philosophy Department's public outreach website. I am also the faculty adviser (and an occasional speaker) for OU's philosophy club.

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